Couples advised to be guided by the Holy Spirit – Rev. Dr. Amo Darko

The Christian Journal – A former member of Ghana’s Council of State during the time of late President John Evans Atta Mills, Rev. Dr. Nii Amo Darko has advised families to learn to live together, stressing husbands and wives must learn to show respect to each other, dwell in harmony without rancour. Speaking at a marriage seminar, Rev. Darko, who linked his advice to how God desires a willing heart to work with, said couples must not allow a strand of bitterness to come into their relationship. Referencing the book of Psalm 105:19-21, Rev. Dr. Darko said “admonishes us that If we allow bitterness to take over us, it will stop the plan of God for our life. “

He said marriage, which dates back to creation, is God’s idea but that did not happen in a vacuum, reiterating the point that a willing heart was desired by God to ensure that purpose is fulfilled.

“Whatever God does he needs someone and therefore looking for a Saviour he had to send Christ because there was a need for somebody to shed his precious stainless blood and die so that by his resurrection we have redemption.”


Rev. Dr. Darko also maintained that parents must be willing to be used as instruments for God’s purpose, citing marriage as an important part of it. According to him, families must be “kingdom focused” in order to become vessels God can use. He said families must ensure that while they strive to follow God’s path, it is important for them to prepare their own children for God’s kingdom, because for the world with it pleasures will be burnt down by Gods fire.


He implored the couples to seek the Holy Spirit because with that as part of their walk with God, their speech and walk will be positively impacted.

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