Men’s Ministry

This is a church auxiliary that organizes men's spiritual and material development. The ministry also aids the church's spiritual and physical growth. This is accomplished by merging resources, experiences, and ideas as needed.

Women's Missionary Union

The Women's Missionary Union (WMU) is an auxiliary group in the church that all women should belong to. The WMU supports the spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, and material well-being of women in the church.

Youth & Young Adults

In conformity with the vision and mission of the Abundant Life Baptist Church ,the Youth Ministry was established to equip the young men and women in the church to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Music Ministry

At Abundant Life Baptist Church, music is very important. The Music Ministry is largely in charge of music ministry for various church services such as Sunday and Friday gatherings.

Media Ministry

This Ministry is the tech-based team of the church that oversees the digital aspects and activities required by the church. The Media team is an inspired and motivated team that works closely with the ministries in the church to provide effective worship It is made up of various teams including...

Young Ladies Ministry

Young Ladies' Ministry is a ministry for young women, married or single whose primary purpose is to dedicate themselves to greater Christian Service.  Young women in this state of life have many issues and YLM reaches out to meet those needs from a Godly, practical perspective.

Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry has teachers who go through periodic training to ensure that they identify and minister to all of our precious children in a Godly manner, while helping and nurturing them to grow in their day to day walk with God.

Ushering Ministry

The Ushering Ministry provides exceptional services to Abundant Life Baptist Church members as well as visitors coming to worship. Ushers embrace people with God’s love, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and ensure members feel at home, while strangers become friends and family.