Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) of Abundant Life Baptist church promotes the spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and material well being of women in the church and its daughter churches, as well as various communities.
Our activities include prayer, Bible study, skill training, educative talks, witnessing and visitation.

Men’s Ministry

This is an auxiliary in the church that organizes the men to develop spiritually and materially. The ministry also supports the church in its spiritual and infrastructural development. This is done by pooling resources, experiences and ideas together where necessary.
Regularly, we organize lectures on topical issues, embark on visitation, undertake projects and give donations to our church, daughter churches, needy communities and various courses.

Music Ministry

Music plays a very important part at Abundant Life Baptist church. The Music Ministry is led by the Music Co-ordinator, Miss Negar Wujangi and has severals groups including:

– Bread of Life

– Choir

– Worship Team

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry was formed to build up young men and women of the church to lead a consistent spirit-filled life and to unearth and develop their full God-given potential in life.
This is being achieved through activities like talks, Bible studies, and evangelistic outreach programs.
The Youth Ministry has played a key role in shaping and turning out men and women who are currently serving in leadership roles in the church.

Prayer Ministry

This ministry is in charge of organizing and leading prayer meeting for the members of the church.
Members of the ministry also engage in prayer individually and as a group to seek the spiritual growth of church members, the church and the Kingdom of God at large.


The Ushering Ministry is very vital to the church as the provision of quality service and hospitality keeps members returning time and time again.
The main objective of the Ministry is to extend to members and visitors alike, a combination of warm hospitality and etiquette. This includes the welcoming and seating of visitors and other congregational members during normal Sunday worship service, weddings, etc. In addition, we see to the collection of offertory at all church meetings.
we are striving towards excellence in terms of punctuality to meetings and most importantly, quality service so that church members and visitors alike feel at home